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Working with with a LSSA accredited software suppliers – beneficial for both members and suppliers

October 21, 2010

Law firms, like every other business, rely on computer systems to provide a better service to their clients, to improve productivity and profitability, and – in many cases – to run more or less their entire organisation.  Deciding on the most appropriate IT systems and software is therefore an important decision for any firm to […]

RTA Portal problems – what can we learn from them?

July 21, 2010

Many people are still unaware that UK personal injury firms handling road traffic accident (RTA) claims are having serious problems connecting to a new electronic data exchange that was recently  launched by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Introduced as part of MoJ reforms to speed up the processing of hundreds of thousands of RTA claims […]

Is the “Paperless Office” a realistic goal for law firms?

January 21, 2010

Although the exact origin of the term “The paperless office” is still the subject of some debate, the basic idea was that office automation would make paper redundant for routine tasks such as record-keeping and bookkeeping.  Although the widespread adoption of personal computers helped to make this goal more realistic, these predictions have yet to […]