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Quill’s growth plans looking beyond current COVID-19 crisis

Press Release, Quill, May 2020

Quill’s grown its headcount by three employees in the past month. In March, Quill welcomed Harry McHarry (Product Development Director), Pete Richards (Development Team Manager) and Robert Graham (Lead UI Developer) into its development team, primarily based in Brighton. Read more.


Embrace remote working. Work from home with confidence and efficiency.

April 2020. Article by LEAP UK

The culture of remote working is fast becoming the norm for most companies. There are occasions when remote working is a necessity, for example when there are travel problems, bad weather, flooding, power outages, health issues or office closures. Read more.


Quill Forms webinars: work from home & save money!

Quill’s hosting a series of half-hour webinars throughout April on its electronic forms product and offering the first 90 days free of charge upon sign up. Read more.


Advanced acquires Tikit from BT Group plc

Press Release. Advanced. March 2020.

Fifth acquisition in twelve months, and first sizable deal since BC investment in August 2019. Demonstrates Advanced’s focus on growing professional services expertise. Read more.


LSSA COVID-19 statement. LSSA - Legal Software Services Association

10th March 2020

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world.

The LSSA have decided to cancel all face to face appointments and meetings in light of the current situation. Where possible meetings will be conducted using videoconferencing. We are minimising face-to-face contact.

We understand that as a community, we must work together to do everything possible to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The most important thing is for us all to stay safe, healthy, and connected.


Legal Workflow joins Innovation Martlesham

Press Release. Legal Workflow. March 2020

Legal Workflow is delighted to announce membership of Innovation Martlesham, an established cluster of high-tech ICT companies located at Adastral Park, Suffolk, home of BT’s national operation centre, test facilities and global Research and Development Unit. Read more.


Disbursements and expenses: VAT and its application

By Quill. March, 2020Disbursements and expenses: VAT and its application

The legal profession is no stranger to the complications of legal accounting rules. In the past few months, law firms UK wide have been getting to grips with revisions to existing accounts regulations. Now, with recent developments in case law, not least the judgment made in Brabners LLP v HMRC, treatment of VAT for disbursements and expenses has been brought into the spotlight. Read more.


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How to prepare your business for coronavirus

Press Release. Quill. March, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the UK, individuals displaying symptoms are self-isolating and businesses encouraging working from home. These measures are actively recommended by the government in its approach to containing the transmission of COVID-19.deployment. Read more.


Insight Legal offers a COVID-19 home working solution for Law Firms

Press Release. Insight Legal Software Ltd. March 2020.

The leader in Legal Technology for the UK and ROI has today announced that it will provide free migration to the cloud for Law Firms that currently utilise its software in an on premise deployment. Read more.


Managing the Professional Indemnity Market

easy convey. Press Release. March 2020.

The Renewal of the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Policy has often been a time-consuming and difficult experience for solicitor firms of all sizes. Read more.


Peak holiday season outsourced cashiering support

By Julian Bryan, Managing Director, Quill

Peak holiday seasons are characterised by people taking a short respite from work to enjoy some much-needed relaxation and fun with family and friends. While employees look forward to scheduled holidays, it causes obvious problems for employers. With several key staff absent simultaneously, departments become short staffed or, worst case scenario, unmanned altogether. For smaller businesses particularly, the latter is an all-too-real possibility. Read more.


Seven Deadly ‘Software’ Sins For Law Firms

Law firms change their practice management software for a wide variety of reasons. Of course all are aiming to improve their practices, however, the driving factors differ from firm to firm. Read more.


Insight Legal becomes a Strategic Partner of The Law Society

Insight Legal Software. Press Release. February 2020.

Insight Legal Software is delighted to announce that following a period of assessment by the Law Society of England and Wales, it has become one of their strategic partners. Read more.


Achieve your 2020 vision with dedicated legal accounts software

Quill. Article. February 2020.

2020 is not only a new year; it’s the start of a new decade. Hence, it’s an apt time to be mapping out your professional objectives for the years ahead. Is IT an essential component in your strategic plan? Your firm’s success may very well depend upon it because embracing the power of technology reaps myriad benefits. Ultimately, IT is the best future proofing your company can invest in. Read more.


Select Legal. Press Release. February 2020.

Law Firms: When It Comes To Texting – Are You Getting The Message?

It’s hard to believe texting has been around for almost three decades. As in many ways it still feels like a fairly modern technology.  However, the first ever text message was sent  on 3-12-92 (when Neil Papworth of Sema Group wished Richard Jarvis of Vodafone a “Merry Christmas”.) This means for some of your clients, it’s safe to say, that text messaging has been available their entire life. Read more.


Software Extras for Law Firms

Select Legal. Press Release: December 2019

When buying a new software package for 2020 and beyond, a law firm should expect their software supplier to provide, as a minimum;  a slick sales process, outstanding data migration capabilities and project management on-boarding, excellent training, support and account management and the following six staple software modules – with robust integration to mission critical third-party tools such as Microsoft Office and Exchange and legal forms packages. Read more.


Technology predictions for the legal sector in 2020 – the impact of AI

by Doug Hargrove, Managing Director – Legal, Advanced

The legal sector is quickly moving to embrace digital transformation and leaning towards innovation as it recognises the opportunity to improve customer services, drive productivity and adhere to the raft of compliance checks that all law firms have to meet. In fact, in feedback from legal professionals in our recent Advanced Trends Survey Report 2019/2020, only 40% felt their law firm wasn’t acting fast enough to keep up with the pace of technology innovation – so that means 60% are acting with pace and are certainly well ahead on that journey. Read more.


2020 vision. What your legal tech should look like in 2020

John Espley, LEAP UK CEO, gives a snapshot of what you should be looking for from legal software to maximise your practice’s productivity in 2020 and beyond.

If a customer wanted to see a lawyer ten years ago, then they would have had to call the firm’s office, talk to a receptionist and wait to have an appointment at the lawyer’s convenience. The customer would have no idea how much the lawyer would charge them and the whole process was overshadowed by fear and doubt – not the best start for any business transaction or relationship. Read more.


Making Tax Digital is forcing firms to review their outdated legal IT systems

Article. Tim Smith, Insight Legal. January 2020.

The first year of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT, known as the soft landing period, ends this April. During these first 12 months, VAT-registered firms used to keying in their quarterly return have been required to install suitable software that records all VAT transactions and then submits the data to the HMRC via an Application Programming Interface (API). For firms without a compliant legal accounts package or which use Excel to record their accounts, bridging software has existed to meet the electronic VAT filing requirements. Read more.


Major award win for AI-driven legal technology innovation partnership

Advanced. Press Release. 15th November 2019

St John’s Buildings barristers’ chambers has won Technology Venture of the Year at the British Legal Technology Awards 2019. The award was a result of a venture between three major players in the legal services market collaborating to create the first truly automated end-to-end digital solution for insurers, solicitors and counsel using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read more.


Playing roulette with outdated IT just isn’t worth the gamble

Insight Legal article by Tim Smith, Technical Director

If a letter spelling out the name of a firm fell from outside the office, I’m confident it would be fixed quickly. Why? Because left unattended, it’s evidence of not caring and is a risk to a firm’s reputation. The same logic can be applied to outdated technology. Read more.


CASA 6 has Fresh New Look

easy convey/ Press Release. 19th October 2019

CASA has had a makeover. Read more.


The New SRA Accounts Rules – A Practice’s Checklist for Compliant Software

Insight Legal article by Deborah Witkiss, Professional Services Director.

20th November 2019

In the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Making Tax Digital, law firms are now facing yet another wave of regulatory change. Read more.


How to overcome the legal skills shortage

LEAP. Press Release: 1st October 2019

by Richard Hugo-Hamman, LEAP Executive Chairman

In the UK, unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since 1975 with employers now facing a skills shortage. Employees are choosing to move to greener pastures and the inability to replace a good employee may now pose an existential threat to businesses. Read more.


New Mental Health Software Module For Law Firms

Select Legal. Press Release: 26th September 2019

Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of LAWFUSION, specialist software for law firms, are proud to announce they have added a new Mental Health workflow module to their library.

The new module is a very comprehensive chart. It helps with preparing for mental health tribunals, hospital managers hearings and bulk submissions to the Legal Aid Agency for Contract Work Adminstraion (CWA) – as well as all the documentation, correspondence and reminders required to ensure the firm’s mental health cases run smoothly. Read more.


Quill’s “Quillathlon” charity fundraiser for Cancer Research UK

Quill. Press Release: 19th September 2019

With Cancer Research UK as its charity of the year, Quill is currently holding an aptly named Quillathlon charity fundraiser. As the name suggests, Quill employees are running, swimming, cycling and walking virtually to its furthest-away client which is Falklands Legal located at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. As Quill’s head office is based in Manchester, the total distance between the start and end points is 7,940 miles. Read more.


poweredbypie Launches Document Portal to enable Secure Exchange of Sensitive Client Data

poweredbypie. Press Release. 12 September 2019

Search and software provider poweredbypie has announced the launch of Document Portal, a new solution for solicitors to enable the secure electronic exchange of all documentation within the conveyancing process.  By removing the need to ‘print and post’, Document Portal offers a simple, secure solution to speed-up the exchange of documentation between solicitors and clients. Read more.


Select Legal Systems Limited, one of the legal profession’s most popular providers of software for law firms, today announced that it has, once again, passed its ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certification surveillance audit.

ISO 27001 certification is a significant differentiator for Select Legal Systems, authors of the LAWFUSION law firm practice management software system, as only a very small handful of software suppliers in the legal IT market have achieved the standard. Read more. 


Winners of the Prestigious ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Award For Fourth Year

Insight Legal. Press Release 9th August 2019

Insight Legal Software proudly announces it has been named the winner of The Institute of Legal Finance & Management (ILFM) Solicitors’ Software Users Award for the fourth consecutive year.The annual awards ask ILFM Members to feed back on the software they use every day by way of a survey response to determine an award winner. This data is collected and independently verified based on the scores provided by ILFM members software users. Insight Legal was awarded 1st Place for 2019 with a total score of 9.22. Read more.