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Bearford House, 39 Hanover Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PJ & 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle, Manchester SK8 3GP

0845 2020 577


Warren Wander, Managing Director or Mike O'Donnell, Marketing Manager. Website:

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LSSA Membership.

Company & Product Overview

Founded by Managing Director Warren Wander in 1995, LawWare provides legal practice management software technology to hundreds of practices in the UK.

Our aim is to produce innovative software specifically for solicitors and offer a first-class range of support services to assist law firms to successfully implement the software and keep it operating smoothly. From its offices in Edinburgh and Manchester, LawWare’s flagship products are continually enhanced and supported by a dedicated team of project managers, developers, trainers and support staff.

LawWare is a complete, integrated and secure practice management system.

Designed exclusively for the legal profession and taking care of all your matter management, business process, accounts, and financial management needs, LawWare is the latest generation of practice and case management software for forward thinking UK law firms. It is compliant with Law Society and SRA regulations and is secure and robust for your ultimate peace of mind.

LawWare is conceived and engineered to meet the needs of both small and growing firms and today continues to develop to provide efficient solutions for those firms as they expand. As your practice grows, LawWare has the flexibility to grow with you.

Key Features:

✓ Matter Management
✓ Time & Activity Recording & Billing
✓ Accounts / Cashroom
✓ E-mail Management
✓ Document Management & Automation
✓ Strongroom
✓ CRM & Marketing
✓ Microsoft Office Integration
✓ Management Reporting
✓ Risk Management & Compliance
✓ Workflow
✓ Client Portals
✓ LawWare Mobile
✓ Bespoke Solutions
✓ Third Party Integrations

For further information on LawWare software visit our website

Target Markets

✓ Sole Practitioners

✓ Small Firms (1-5 users)

✓ High Street Firms (6-25users)

✓ Mid-sized and multi-branch firms (25-100 users)

✓ Virtual Firms

✓ ABS Firms

Geographic Markets

✓ England & Wales

✓ Scotland

✓ Northern Ireland

✓ Channel Islands

Technology Platforms Supported

✓ Cloud

✓ Own Server

Categories of Products & Services Supported

Financial & Practice Management

LawWare’s accounts module is a completely integrated system using the same database as the matter management system – avoiding the need for posting and reposting between one system and another.

All accounts information is available in real time allowing you to view reports instantly and determine the overall well-being of your practice as well as individual client matters.

Reporting and notifications allow cashiers to identify debit balances, case files where fees can be recovered and easily navigate to case files with Client Debit balances

LawWare’s billing system with its customisable billing templates, makes the whole process of raising and generating bills straightforward and more efficient. This ensures there are no billing delays or errors which could lead to late or difficult to recover payments.

LawWare also handles all your client accounting responsibilities just as efficiently – ensuring client monies are safe and client transactions are dealt with in an accurate and timely manner in full accordance with Law Society of Scotland and SRA / Law Society accounting rules and regulations.

Case Management

LawWare is the building block for your entire electronic client and matter files.

LawWare organises all your case information by matter. Every activity, be it a phone call, a document created, an email or time recorded, is logged and stored within the matter record.

This allows you to find and locate all relevant information relating to the transaction with ease.

The database at the heart of LawWare keeps you fully up to speed on the progress of all your matters. It gives you complete control over matter management and is a cornerstone of helping you run your business efficiently.

Whilst many of the different matters you are dealing with at any given time will be similar in nature, no two matters or work types are the same.

LawWare addresses this issue by giving you the option to add custom fields to your matters – providing complete flexibility and a mechanism for storing important information that can be used for management reporting.

Online Systems & Services

✓ Matter Management - the building block for your entire electronic client and matter files.

✓ Time Recording & Billing - straightforward billing procedures and the ability to keep tabs on your time both in and out of the office.

✓ Accounts / Cashroom - a completely integrated solution which brings together all your accounting, reporting and billing mechanisms efficiently under one system.

✓ Email Management - a system designed to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite, giving you the ability to store all your emails within the case file.

✓ Document Management - customise your documents, manage your mail and email, collaborate with others and keep everything under one roof. Effortless document management and automation.

✓ Strongroom - not just a way to keep track of your stored documents - more a mechanism for prompting review dates and marketing effectively to your clients.

✓ CRM & Marketing - LawWare allows you to automate your client contact and build lasting relationships that will help your business prosper.

✓ Microsoft Office Integration - with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint included in the package, you have a case management system that seamlessly integrates with all the Microsoft tools.

✓ Management Reporting - keep control of your finances, keep track of your fee earners' efficiency and monitor the key performance indicators of your business.

✓ Risk Management & Compliance - built-in risk and compliance management functionality - helping you to keep control of your business and remain within the regulations.

✓ Workflow - automate your work tasks, track the status of individual cases and prompt your fee earners to complete tasks in a timely manner.

✓ Client Portals - by giving your clients access to the portal, you can select which information, case notes or documentation they can see and allow them to keep up to speed on the progress of their case.

✓ LawWare Mobile - a lightweight version of LawWare - allowing you to keep up to speed with client, contact and matter details whilst on the move.

✓ Bespoke Solutions - it's not just an "out of the box" solution. If you require additional functionality specific to your practice or work types, we can help.

✓ Third Party Integrations - add value to your practice management system by exploiting the flexibility of LawWare to integrate with third party solutions.

Support Systems & Services

✓ Full UK based, responsive support services & helpline.

✓ In-house training.

✓ Remote training.

✓ Business support & analysis (management reporting, case file efficiency and client communication).